QT4-25 Fly Ash Blocks Machines

Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

Semi automatic block making machine is specially designed for those customers who are in need of semi automatic type machine with combined vibration modes. Moreover, the semi automatic brick making machine is a multi-purpose machine, which has strong adaptability. Because it is not only used for the production of concrete blocks but fly ash brick, slag bricks, and other material blocks. Equipping with different molds, so it can manufacture various specifications of solid bricks, scale bricks, hollow bricks and porous bricks, etc. It has advantages of fast brick making, high pressure, automatic fabric with 360° rotating, once fabric only, and high compactness.

Aimix Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

Hot-sale Aimix Semi Automatic Block Making Machine in Bangladesh

Aimix has sold countless sets of semi automatic block making machines in Bangladesh. There is a number of customers who is keen on this semi automatic type, especially semi automatic fly ash brick making machine. However, there are two reasons for them to choose semi type machine. One is that there is a large demand of bricks on the market; the other one is that the semi automatic brick making machine price is lower than fully automatic type. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to own a machine to produce bricks for sale in local areas. In addition, there is enough labor for semi automatic block making machine operation in Bangladesh.

Semi Automatic Block Making Machine Configuration

There is standard configuration, including host brick machine, distribution box, mixer, and two sets of small carts pulled by hand. The above is a standard configuration. However, if you need to customize your semi automatic brick making machine, we will equip them according to your special requirements. While the semi automatic fly ash bricks machine price will be also diverse.

ABM-4SE Blocks Machine
ABM-4SE Blocks Machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle molding Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr
hollow bricks 390*190*190 24-26s 4 580
solid blocks 240*125*75 22-25s 9 1400
interlocking bricks 240*115*53 22-25s 21 3300

Features of Semi Automatic Block Making Machine

1. Manual and electric control, easy to operate

2. Four-bar guidance and long guide bearings ensure accurate movement of the Indenter and molds

3. The machine is made up of strong steel material and special welding technology, which can prolong its life span and proof shock when operating.

4. Semi automatic brick machine is equipped with various molds. Therefore, it can produce cement products of different specifications and shapes, such as pavement bricks, roadside stones, interlocking bricks, hollow blocks, and standard bricks.

5. Imported sealing and some hydraulic components. Besides, the comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable.

6. The motor is made up of pure copper and the oil top is used special hydraulic type.

7. Mechanical transmission, compact structure, easy to maintain, flexible operation, and good reliability.

8. Up and down pressure, strong vibration, especially with the production of heavy-duty high-strength blocks (strength up to 20MPa).

9. The finished product has high strength, good compactness, accurate appearance, regular shape, no burrs, and corners.

10. A large amount of fly ash, coal slag, and various waste slag can be added, and a reasonable raw material ratio can produce high-strength standard bricks, which can be immediately smashed after molding.

11. Small investment and high returns, especially suitable for Bangladesh’s conditions.

Aimix Semi-automatic Brick Making Machine
Aimix Semi-automatic Brick Making Machine

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