HBT60 Electric Concrete Pump

Ready Mix Concrete Pump

Ready mix concrete pump has the same function as trailer concrete pump for sale, it is another way to name it. Well, From its name, we can conclude that the pump is applicable for pumping ready-mixed concrete mixture. It is widely applied in different kinds of construction sites, such as tunnels, bridges, harbours, rural and urban buildings, roadways etc. Indeed, ready mix pump is effective equipment for your construction. Besides, In Bangladesh, a lot of customers have purchased one for different purposes, including self-using, project requirements, self-investment for renting etc. Thus, if you wanna choose your ideal one, please have a good knowledge of Aimix ready mix concrete pump first!

Aimix Ready Mix Concrete Pump
Aimix Ready Mix Concrete Pump

About Aimx Ready Mix Concrete Pumps for Sale in Bangladesh

In Aimix Group, 40 ~ 80 m3/h capacities of concrete pumps for sale are hottable among users. Therefore, you can select your apprapriate model from us.

According to engine, we can divide it into diesel and electric ready mix pump. As for diesel one, it is more suitable for those voltage instability areas. While, for electric one, it is apprapriate for sufficient power supplying places.

ABT40C ready mix concrete pump

ABT40C Diesel Ready Mix Concrete Pump

ABT40D rmc concrete pump

ABT40D Electric Ready Mix Concrete Pump

ABT60C ready mix pump

ABT60C Diesel Ready Mixed Concrete Pump

ABT60D ready-mixed concrete pump

ABT60D Electric RMC Concrete Pump

Benefits of Using RMC Concrete Pump

Firstly, Increasing concrete pouring speed

Secondly, Reducing the number of labors needed

Thirdly, Ensuring higher accuracy and quality in concrete pumping

Fourthly, Helping improve concrete strength

How Does Ready Mix Concrete Pump Work?

Firstly, the pumping process starts with concrete, usually from an mixer truck to a hopper large enough to hold a small amount of fresh concrete supplying. Secondly, In the hopper, the agitator allows fresh concrete to flow smoothly into the pump cylinder.The concrete piston pump works in the same way as a two-cylinder reciprocating engine, with one cylinder pulling the concrete out of the hopper on the return stroke and the other pushing the concrete into the pipe on the forward stroke. Then, the pistons in the two cylinders work in opposite directions, so the concrete pressure in the pipe is constant and the flow is uninterrupted.

The piston is driven by a hydraulic cylinder powered by a hydraulic pump. Moreover, synchronous valves allow concrete to flow from two cylinders into a pump discharge line. In addition, there is a valve which determines which cylinder is open to the concrete hopper and which is open to the discharge pipes.

Why Is Aimix Ready Mix Pump Reliable?

1. Richful Manufacturing Experience

Aimix has owned more than 30 years manufacturing experience. So we are dedicated to making the best concrete pumping machine in the world possible. Besides, CE and ISO certificates have been verfied. Moreover, our equipment performance, designs and applications continue to be developed constantly so that we can manufacture higher-quality portable concrete pumps that satisfy the requirements of various construction needs.


2. Reliable Business Partners

Having established longest business partners from around the global to provide us with high-quality spare parts that apply for every pump we have manufactured. Suppliers are global industry leaders from Europe, as well as Asia

3. LBS Centers All Over The World

We have professional after-sale team for better serving our customers. Besides, LBS centers are available in more than six countries, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Philippines etc. Moreover, next one, we are planning to establish one in Bangladesh. In that case, accessories quick supplying and promopt check and repairing are convenient.

After-sales Service Team
After-sales Service Team
Checking Concrete Pump Machine on Sites
Checking Concrete Pump Machine on Sites


Aimix LBS centers in the world
LBS centers in the world


4.Best Pump Price

Reasonable ready mix concrete pump price provided. Moreover, compared with prices in other concrete pump manufacturers, ours are moderate. Thus, it is really affordable for your investment.

Besides, we can offer other kinds of concrete pumps: such as concrete mix pump, concrete boom pump, mini concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump etc. Therefore, if you are interested in our concrete pumps and wanna get quotation, please contact our sales through the following forms or email to him: sales@aimixbangladesh.com. Then our sale will reply you as soon as possible.

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