ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine in Bangladesh

Portable Concrete Pumps

Portable concrete pumps are one kind of concrete pumping equipment, which is with movable tires. It can be dragged by a trailer. Therefore, the concrete pump portable is much easier to move among construction sites than the stationary concrete pump. In general, most customers are keen on this mobile type concrete pump because it needs to move if investment for renting. While, whether for renting or self-using, the portable concrete pump is always your ideal option for investment in Bangladesh. But what fields can it be applicable to? Let’s check the following description together.

Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

Electric Portable Concrete Pump

Electric Portable Concrete Pump

Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

Portable Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Portable Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Application of Portable Concrete Pumps in Bangladesh

Where there is construction, there is a portable concrete pump. Thus, it can conclude that it is suitable for all kinds of construction sites. When setting a building, needing it; while building and repairing a bridge, requiring it; when constructing a harbor, calling for it; while going up a tunnel, in need of it, etc. So many fields require this convenient concrete pumping machine. It can save labor and time, which can improve construction schedule and quality.

Portable Trailer Pump Application

ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump At Construction Site
Aimix Portable Concrete Pump On-site
Portable Concrete Pumps on Construction Site

Portable Mixer Pump Application

Aimix ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Mixer Pump on-site

ABJZ40C Portable Mixer Pump on-site
Checking Portable Mixing Pump on Site

Aimix Portable Concrete Pumper Working On Construction Sites in Bangladesh

In Oct, 2018, we have exported our portable concrete mixer and pump – JBS 40 to Bangladesh. It is an electric type concrete pump, which is totally satisfied our clients. Now the mini concrete pump portable is keeping normal working on construction spots. Besides, our clients thought highly of our machine. We still keep in touch with him for following up its application status now. Sometimes, he would take some pictures and shoot small videos for feedback.

Aimix Portable Concrete Pumper Working On Construction Sites
Aimix Portable Concrete Pumper Working On Construction Sites
delivering concrete pump to Bangladesh
Delivering Concrete Pump to Bangladesh
Cleaning balls
Cleaning balls
Other Components
Other Components

Obvious Benefits of Using Aimix Portable Concrete Pumps

1. Extended components life: Adopting full hydraulic control reversing system, pump, S – tube distribution alternating commutation action without the participation of electrical signals, low commutation impact, and low noise, obviously improved the service life of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.

2. Improving equipment reliability. The whole hydraulic control system saves the intermediate link of the electric control signal and greatly improves the operation reliability of the whole set of portable concrete pump for sale.

3. Reducing failure frequency. Full hydraulic control reversing hydraulic adopts centralized valve plate, centralizing the hydraulic valve of the main system on the valve plate and reducing the cross-connected pipeline. Besides, it can make the system more compact and reduce the chance of oil leakage.

4. Reducing maintenance costs. The hydraulic control system eliminates the four components which are easily damaged in the electric control reversing system and reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment.

Portable Concrete Mixer Pumps

Aimix Group is Your Best Choice

Among so many concrete pump manufacturers in Bangladesh, it is a wise decision to make a purchase of a portable cement pump from Aimix. Because we are reliable pump manufacturers with decades’ manufacturing experience. Besides, our concrete pump price is really moderate compared with the high prices offered by other suppliers. Moreover, we have branches in Bangladesh and carry on free after-sale service four times a year, which most providers lack. Therefore, why not choose us? Our machine will never let you down. If you need a quotation of any concrete pump, welcome to send us inquiry soon through the following forms or email: market11@aimixgroup.com.

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