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Concrete Pump for Sale

Concrete pump for sale is common in Bangladesh because there is a lot of construction projects which needs quantities of concrete pumps for sale on the market. While, among so much concrete pump equipment for sale, how to choose one that can suits for your construction? In Aimix Group, we have manufactured different kinds of cement pumps for sale to satisfy customers’ various demands. Moreover, our cement pump for sale in Bangladesh has been thought highly of. Here is some introduction of our concrete pumps. With the description, I hope that you can select ideal one from us.

Classifications of Concrete Pump for Sale

According to capacity, dividing it into mini concrete pump, small concrete pump, medium type and large type.

In terms of mobility, we have mobile concrete pump and stationary concrete pump.

By different usages, there are four kinds of concrete pumping equipment for sale: concrete mixer pump, trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump and boom concrete pump. Therefore, these four kinds of pumps are our main products for clients.

High Quality Concrete Pumping Machine for Sale Provided By Aimix

Trailer Concrete Pump

As we all know, the trailer concrete pump is usually mounted on trailers. Generally, it is equipped with movable tires, which can be pulled through tractor. Besides, it is more convenient to operate and maintain. The pump is applicable on all kinds of construction projects with capacities ranging from 20 m3/h to 90 m3/h. Therefore, with high quality and stable performance, trailer mounted concrete pump for sale has caused strong repercussions among many customers in the Bangladesh market.

diesel trailer concrete pump for sale
Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump

electric trailer concrete pump
Electric Trailer Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Compared with trailer pump, the concrete mixer and pump obviously have one more function – mixing. Indeed, the special design is popular among local clients. Because the unique concrete pump machine for sale can not only save a lot of cost but improve working efficiency. This means that the client doesn’t need buy another mixer to carry on the construction. Besides, it has tiny size, same as mini concrete pump, with small capacity about 30 to 40 m3/h. So mixer pump is usually suitable for new rural and urban building construction.

Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump
Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Boom Concrete Pump

The pump is spacial on its long boom. Under the function of boom, the concrete pump can realize longer distance vertically and horizontally. Therefore, the concrete boom pump truck is appliable for large construction sites. Besides, it needs vast space for operation due to its long boom.

boom concrete pump truck
Boom Concrete Pump Truck

Truck mounted Concrete Pump

As you have seen on the street, the concrete pumping machine for sale mounted on the truck is named after truck mounted concrete pump. While, for trailer concrete pump and concrete mixer pump, both of them can be installed on truck, moving with truck among construction spots. So it can realize quick movement and convenient operation.

truck mounted concrete pump
Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

That’s all brief introduction of our cement pump for sale. In addition, if you need elaborate information, you can check other certain pages for each pump. You can also consult us online through the following chart. Or contact us through email: We are always here to offer best quotation for you!

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