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Brick Making Machines

It is easier to detect that brick making machines are omnipresent in Bangladeshi market. Why? There are two main reasons. One is that brick industry in Bangladesh is supported by the government; the other one is there is a large demand for brick manufacturing companies in Bangladesh to promote the benign development of industry and economy. As we all know, it is profitable to invest in Bangladesh brick factories. However, firstly, it is necessary to purchase brick and block making machine. Here I will introduce some detailed information about Aimix brick equipment. Moreover, I hope the introduction will do you a favor when you select ideal brick making machines in the market.

Basic Type of Brick Making Machines in Bangladesh

Firstly, in terms of mode, Aimix Group has semi automatic brick making machines and fully automatic brick block machine.

Secondly, according to mode, it can be divided into stationary and mobile brick making machine for sale.

Thirdly, in light of mould structure, we can divide it into hydraulic brick making machine and mechanical brick made machine.

Fourth, in line with raw material, we have fly ash, concrete and cement bricks made machine.

Last, as far as end product concerned, there are solid, hollow and interlocking brick machine making.

Hot-Sale Models of Best Brick Making Machine in Bangladesh

In Aimix Group, we have launched different models of brick maker for sale, including ABM-3S, ABM-4SE, ABM-4S, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S and ABM-12S new bricks machine. But if you want to buy brick making machine in Bangladesh, I strongly recommend you the following models: ABM-3S, ABM-4SE, ABM-4S, and ABM-6S relatively cheap brick making machine. Because they are well-received by local customers with affordable brick making machine price. You can get brick making machine price list after you send our sale an inquiry through forms or emails.

ABM-3S brick manufacturing machine
ABM-3S Brick Manufacturing Machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle molding Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr
hollow bricks 390*190*190 15-20s 3 540-720
solid blocks 200*100*60 15-25s 10 1500-1800
interlocking bricks 225*112.5*60 15-25s 8 1200-1400

ABM-4SE brick production machine
ABM-4SE Brick Production Machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Cycle molding Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr
hollow bricks 390*190*190 24-26s 4 580
solid blocks 240*125*75 22-25s 9 1400
interlocking bricks 240*115*53 22-25s 21 3300

ABM-4S brick machines
ABM-4S Brick Machines
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 16 18-23s 2504-3200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 10 18-23s 1565-2000
solid blocks 240*115*53 28 15-17s 5930-6720
hollow bricks 390*190*190 4 15-20s 720-960

ABM-6S brick machine for sale
ABM-6S Brick Machine for Sale
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 12 18-23s 1878-2400
solid blocks 240*115*53 32 15-17s 6500-7800
hollow bricks 390*190*190 6 20-25s 864-1080

Transporting Brick Production Machine to Bangladesh

As one of the reliable brick making machine manufacturers in Bangladesh brick field, we have exported many sets of modern brick making machine to Bangladesh. Focusing customers’ on actual requirements, Aimix would customize every machine for our clients with attractive bricks machine price. Here are some loading and packaging photos in the factory before delivery.

Transport Aimix Brick Machine to Bangladesh
Transport Aimix Brick Machine to Bangladesh

Why To Utilize Aimix Brick Machine China

Actually, there are countless brick making machine price manufacturers in Bangladesh. Among them, why to purchase Aimix brick manufacturing equipment? I think a lot of people would have doubts about that. Here are some advantages of our brick manufacturing unit. I believe that our product quality, stable performance, and reasonable brick manufacturing machine price can convince you.

1. Easy operation

The inverter control stacking system is adopted for stable and safe operation. From feeding to stacking, the entire china brick making machine production process is completed by a fully automated production line control system.

2. Low energy consumption

When the brick machine for sale begins to work, the host machine keeps running. While other engines run intermittently. In addition, the intermittent operation is with low energy consumption.

3. High degree of automation

Brick manufacturing machine adopts PLC electrical control system to fully control all processes. Advanced troubleshooting equipment will automatically check and correct errors.

4. Thermal treatment

This brick making plant adopts a heavy structure design and high-strength steel with advanced heat treatment technology. The entire machine and molds are wear-resistant. Besides, advanced technology is applied to the machine for extended life.

ABM-8S Brick Making Machines
ABM-8S Brick Making Machines
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 28 18-23s 4382-5600
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 20 18-23s 3130-4000
solid blocks 240*115*53 42 15-17s 9000-10000
hollow bricks 390*190*190 8 20-25s 1150-1440

ABM-10S Brick Machine for Sale
ABM-10S Brick Machine for Sale
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 31 18-23s 4852-6200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
solid blocks 240*115*53 52 15-17s 11011-12480
hollow bricks 390*190*190 10 20-25s 1440-1800

ABM-12S bricks machine
ABM-12S Bricks Machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 38 18-23s 5948-7600
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 25 18-23s 3913-5000
solid blocks 240*115*53 62 15-17s 12700-14400
hollow bricks 390*190*190 12 20-25s 1728-2160

Raw Materials of Brick Building Machine

For brick making in Bangladesh, the range of raw materials is wide. Let us look at what can be as raw materials for brick moulding machine: such as sand, gravel, cement, dust, fly ash, cinder, gravel, powder factory wet ash, dry ash, mixed ash, boiler slag, self-igniting coal gangue, mountain powder, tail Mine, steel slag, calcium carbide slag, water slag, dry slag, sulfuric acid slag, phosphate fertilizer slag, corrosive sludge, stone waste, waste brick powder, construction waste, electrolytic copper slag. Among them, two or three materials are sufficient for one kind of machine made bricks Bangladesh.

Raw Materials of Brick Building Machine
Raw Materials of Brick Building Machine

Brick Manufacturing Process

Here is a detailed description of brick making process. You can check it.

1. Proportioning: Determine the appropriate amount of raw materials needed to produce the required quality of concrete under the given conditions of agitation, casting and curing is known as proportioning;

2. Mixing: Mixing the aggregate, cement, and water is to ensure that the cement paste completely covers the surface of the aggregate completely.

3. Compacting: The purpose of compacting is to fill all the air pockets with concrete as a whole. The wooden pallet is placed on the vibration platform of the machine. The mold box is placed on the tray. Concrete mix is poured into the mould and evenly leveled. More concrete is then raked across the mould level. The stripping head is placed above the mold. Flatten the material. Vibration causes the concrete to drop to the limit. The molded blocks resting on the pallet are removed and a new pallet is placed and the process is repeated. The machine can accommodate interchangeable mould for producing blocks of different sizes of hollow or solid blocks.

4. Curing: The blocks removed from the mould are protected until they are sufficiently Hardened to permit handling without damage. The hollow blocks thus hardened are cured in a curing yard to permit complete miniaturization for at least 21 days. The longer the curing time permitted the better the product.

5. Drying: Concrete shrinks slightly with a loss of moisture. It is therefore essential that after curing is over, the blocks should be allowed to dry out gradually in shade so that the initial drying shrinkage of the blocks is completed before they are used in the construction work.

Bricks Making Machine Video

After introduction of brick forming machineworking processes, people may have a preliminary understanding of how bricks are manufactured. However, here I have prepared bricks machine video. After watching it, you may totally understand how to make bricks.

About Aimix Group

With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, Aimix is confident to offer our customers high-quality brick wall making machine. CE and ISO certificates are basic guarantees of that. Besides, we are dedicated to providing considerate one-step service, especially after-sales service. For that, having established more than 6 LBS centers in the world, including Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. While our next center will be in Bangladesh. Therefore, the after-sales service of Aimix brick factory machine in Bangladesh would be worry-free. Moreover, we promise that you can get the best bricks machine cost from us. If you wanna get brick block making machine price now, never hesitate to contact us through the following chart or email to us: market11@aimixgroup.com.

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