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Bitumen Plant for Sale

Bitumen plant for sale is another name of asphalt plant for sale. As we all know, it has large demands of bitumen plant in Bangladesh with the rapid development of road construction industry. In the market, there are various bitumen plant manufacturers, including us – Aimix Group. As one of reliable manufacturers in local areas, we have supplied different kinds of plans for selecting. You can browse plant details as follows.

Bitumen Plant for Sale
Aimix Bitumen Plant for Sale

Aimix Bitumen Plant for Sale in Bangladesh

In order to meet different customers’ requirements, we have manufactured several kinds of bitumen manufacturing plant for choices. Based on some standards, there are some types. Please check them below.

Firstly, in terms of mixing way, there are bitumen batching plant(ALYJ series) and drum mix plant(ALT series).
Secondly, as for its flexibilty, we can divide them into stationary type(ALQ series) and mobile bitumen plant hot mix plant(ALYQ series).
For its capacity, it has mini, medium and large bitumen plant for sale.

ALQ series Stationary Bitumen Plant for sale
ALQ series Stationary Bitumen Plant

ALYQ series Mobile Bitumen Plant
ALYQ series Mobile Bitumen Plant

ALT series Drum Mix Bitumen Plant
ALT series Drum Mix Bitumen Plant

ALYJ series Bitumen Batching Plant
ALYJ series Bitumen Batching Plant

Components of Bitumen Hot Mix Plant

Aimix bitumen plant has modular design and reasonable layout which is convenient for disassembly and assembly on sites. In general, it consists of several components, including cold aggregare batching machine, dryer drum, burnner, bucket elecvator, mixing tower, bitumen tanks, fuel tank, mineral filler, control room etc.

Cold aggregate units: They are for storing, batching and feeding aggregate into drying syetme

Drying drum: It is for removing the moisture from cold aggregate.

Bag filler: It can remove fine dust particles, which can reduce air pollutions.

Bucket elevator: It functions as transfering hot aggregate to the top of mixing tower.

Mixing tower: It is composed of hot aggregate storage bins, vibrating screen, aggregate, bitumen, filler and hot mix weighing units etc.

Fuel tank: it is for stored fuel for burner

Mineral filler: This unit is for adding mineral or additives to the mixer

Control room: Users can operate the bitumen mixing plant through control panel.

Components of Bitumen Mixing Plant
Components of Bitumen Mixing Plant

Features of Bitumen Mixing Plant

1.Bitumen mix plant is containerized for easy transportation and fast installation.

2.Optimum fuel efficiency and energy efficient, fuel choices: oil, gas and coal.

3.The new design of bigger hot aggregate bins can increase storage capacity and extra wide gate ensure free fall of aggregates which will reduce batch time.

4.Fully computerized control panel with option to store various types of hotmix recipes with possibility to change the recipes frequently.

5.Bag type dust removal control system with bag filters complete with exhaust fan and chimney.

6.Filler elevator for recovered dust from bag filters.

7.Asphalt mixers with compartments, discharge doors, intermediate hopper and level indicator.

8.Some major components are imported from famous foreign brands.

Bitumen Plant Process About Working

When the aggregate is placed in the appropriate bin of the aggregate feeder, the bitumen batch mix plant process begins. The aggregates are then transferred to a drying drum by a conveyor. Drying drum is equipped with flights internally to promote drying efficiency. After the aggregate leaves the dryer, it is transferred to a vibratory screen, which separates the aggregate according to size, and then puts the aggregate in a separate hot aggregate hopper.

Since the size distribution of the aggregate is controlled, the required aggregate and the required type are allowed to enter the mixing unit of the asphalt plant where it is mixed with the liquid asphalt previously weighed from the heated storage tank. The asphalt and aggregate are mixed in the required proportions according to the requirements of the final mixture. Then, the hot mixed asphalt mixture is dropped into a thermal storage bin or truck.

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Most clients are concerned about bitumen plant price. A good buyer will not choose portable plant with highest or lowest price. Because high price is not affordable and low price can ensure equipment quality. Therefore, choosing one with reasonable price is best. Well, Aimix Group has sold countless sets of plants all over the world, including Bangladesh. If you are curious about its price, please contact us right now. Then you can get quotation soon. Contact us through email: Or fill the form below. We will respond you as soon as possible!

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